Hello Gor­geous People,

I want to share with you about my recent trips to Gam­bella (West part of Ethiopia almost close to South Sudan). For those of you who are won­der­ing if this was one of my small travel fix, happy to tell you NO!! It was WORK:-) this time though truth be told, I was dying to go that part of Ethiopia for a very long time.

My first visit went like this. I am so excited to go to Gam­bella fol­lowed by OMG… this is so depress­ing, lots of poverty, HIV/AIDS, refugee camps, ten­sion in the com­munity. I felt con­fused and miser­able for days, feel­ing guilty and help­less­ness as I have never known it before. Extreme heartache and emo­tion­ally shattered!

So next time around, I asked myself what am I cap­able of doing? If I keep doing what I am doing or feel­ing, I real­ized I wasn’t serving any­one else or myself. I needed a drastic men­tal shift!

Here is some­thing I shared with friends in my email from there. Includ­ing pic­tures too. Enjoy!!

Few of you who have chat­ted with me after my first trip in at the end of May know little bit about the chal­lenges I faced on my first trip. This time am happy to report I’m amaz­ingly doing well. Of course noth­ing has changed, still there is so much poverty more than I could ever be able to explain, still the HIV/AIDs is higher in this region and I see more kids on the street but I also came to my senses, turn to my own inner wis­dom for guid­ance.  Instead of choos­ing to see the worst and tor­ture myself with guilt I have opened up to the won­der­ful cul­ture, beau­ti­ful green land and ami­able people that sur­roun­ded me.

Aside my work I vis­ited a local orphan­age, mar­ket and I even had a test of local food (Okra and Maize Genfo). I am always grate­ful for won­der­ful souls that show up in my life when I need them and my blessed life full of adven­ture and possibilities.”



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