Taking Responsibility

He that is good for mak­ing excuses is sel­dom good for any­thing else.
— Ben­jamin Franklin

When we are stuck in life and noth­ing seem to move for­ward, we des­per­ately look for answer every­where. Hop­ing our prayer is answered in some form.
That form can be a sign, a phrase from a book, people we meet on the street, mes­sage though our dream, I do believe divine inter­ven­tion comes in every form and size.

Few months ago, I received an email that shocked my sys­tem. It wasn’t a bad news but it was a kind of wakeup call I needed. Why? because I was kind of get­ting com­fort­able where I was in life.

I was in that com­fort zone of not want­ing to see other pos­sib­il­it­ies. The email came from Nahu – one of the won­der­ful women I came to admire, respect and lucky to work with in tak­ing AWiB to the next level.

It read

As a great Amer­ican Com­ment­ator, Erma Bom­beck, once said “when I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of tal­ent left and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me’.

I want all of us to reflect on that say­ing and to really intern­al­ize the mean­ing of it all. We are con­cerned more about oth­ers than ourselves. Have I used my God given tal­ent? Should be our con­cern instead.  I have heard most of you shriek­ing when I said each of us needs to sell 48 tick­ets to move all 500 of them and yes since we don’t have a mean­ing­ful spon­sor, we need to do it by ourselves. But if we say we couldn’t because of zil­lions reas­ons that life is throw­ing at us, believe me we are not going to move even one. What we utter is what we act upon and get, and that is the uni­ver­sal truth.”

See I was one of those people who shrank giv­ing mil­lion reas­ons why I won’t be able to sell those tick­ets. But this email turned things around, not only that I sold more than 50 tick­ets but it also made me think where else in my life I am shrink­ing? Not doing enough or simply giv­ing excuses not to do more?

Thank you Nahu, for great wakeup call! We all need someone in our life who can hold us account­able on daily basis.

Now I invite you all to check, where in your life today are you shrink­ing? What is the story or excuse you tell to yourself?


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