My Bucket List — The 100 things I want to do before I die

  1. Attend at least one Sum­mer Olympic Games
  2. Attend Aus­tralian Open  — Done
  3. Swim with a dol­phin – Done
  4. Swim with whale Sharks
  5. Sky­dive – Done
  6. Scuba dive off Australia’s Great Bar­rier Reef — Done
  7. Learn to speak a for­eign language  -
  8. Go skinny-dipping at mid­night –Done
  9. Tell a stranger the story of your life, spar­ing no details – Done
  10. Mas­ter yoga head stand —  On going
  11. Travel around the world – Done
  12. Send a mes­sage in a bottle
  13. Ride a camel into the desert — Done
  14. Write a let­ter to someone in Prison
  15. Fall deeply in love — help­lessly and unconditionally
  16. Write and pub­lish my travel log
  17. Ride the Trans-Siberian Express across Asia
  18. Go on a canoe trip and camp in a wild – Done
  19. Learn to play at least one musical instrument
  20. Do trans– Africa (Cape to Cairo)  – Done
  21. Spend New Year’s eve in Times Square -
  22. Get pas­sion­ate about a cause and spend time help­ing it – doing now AWIB
  23. Sleep under the stars – Done
  24. Go wild in Rio – Done
  25. Do some­thing I love as a job – One going
  26. Ride a roller­coaster — Done
  27. White­wa­ter Raft– Done
  28. Grow a garden
  29. Go up in a hot-air bal­loon — Done
  30. Visit at least 5 National parks in Africa – Done
  31. Attend at least one Salif Keita’s con­cert – Done
  32. Montreal Jazz fest­ival – Done
  33. Par­ti­cip­ate at  Burring Man
  34. Kiss total stranger in a bar –Done
  35. Learn to cook Thai food -
  36. Meet a total stranger trav­el­ing and end-up stay­ing in their house – Done
  37. Bun­gee Jump — Done
  38. Have my own TV Show
  39. Walk the great wall of China
  40. Attend a Cirque du Soleil Show — Done
  41. Learn to live with detach­ment – On going
  42. Prac­tice my Medi­ation twice a day – On going
  43. Write my autobiography
  44. Teach someone some­thing new
  45. Float around the Dead Sea — Done
  46. Spend a month in Ashram Med­it­at­ing and learn­ing – Done
  47. Spend New year’s eve in Sydney – Done
  48. Take a group of dis­ad­vant­age kids on round the world tour
  49. Travel from Tur­key to Pakistan over land
  50. At least Visit 100 coun­tries before I turn 50
  51. Organ­ize a big reunion with all my friends from around the world
  52. Learn to make art and give it to people -
  53. Learn to read Tarot cards
  54. Run a God­dess circle with more than 100 women
  55. Reach at least one mil­lion people through my work around the world
  56. Start a lib­rary in Ethiopia with den­ted books I get from around the world
  57. Tell stor­ies to kids as part of my com­munity work
  58. Take part on the 45 days silent Medi­ation (Vipassana)
  59. Live on island for a month
  60. Attend big travel con­fer­ence (where all won­derer souls come together)
  61. Visit Iguasu Falls – Argentina/Brazil — Done
  62. Vic­toria Falls – Zambia/ Zim­b­abwe — Done
  63. Uluru – Aus­tralia – Done
  64. Robin Island – South Africa – Done
  65. Swim with Pen­guins – Done
  66. Petra – Jordan – Done
  67. Mac­chu Pichu – Peru – Done
  68. Abu Sim­bel – Egypt – Done
  69. Wit­ness the North­ern Light – Done
  70. Dance under thou­sands stars with Hum­mer people in South­ern Ethiopia — Done
  71. Eat at one of the best Res­taur­ants in the world
  72. Set foot on all Seven con­tin­ent – One more to go
  73. Volun­teer Abroad  - Done
  74. See gla­cier up-close and per­sonal – Done
  75. Clime act­ive volcano
  76. Get a com­plete makeover once
  77. Live through four sea­son of the year – spring, sum­mer, autumn, winter – Done
  78. Watch cheery blos­som in Japan
  79. Visit Jer­u­s­alem old city — Done
  80. Go on cruise ( If I ever retire from my work:-))
  81. Wild life migra­tion – Masi Mera – Done
  82. Spend some times in Amazon Jungle
  83. Visit Norway’s Fjords
  84. Plant trees
  85. Attend Reed Dance in South Africa – Done
  86. Spread ran­dom act of kind­ness ( Get involve on smile cards pro­ject)
  87. See the sun­rise and sun­set often – On going
  88. Make my blog the biggest resource for young people
  89. Sell everything I own and travel — Done
  90. Travel India by train – Done
  91. Bathe in the Ganges (India) – Done
  92. Fly first class – Done
  93. See Mona lisa in Louvre – Done
  94. Go on romantic getaway -
  95. Learn to Astral Travel – Done
  96. Go on walk­ing Safari – Done
  97. Visit the lean­ing tower of Pisa – Done
  98. Speak to an inter­na­tional audi­ence of thou­sands of people
  99. Golden Gate bridge – Done
  100. Meet Nel­son Man­dela – (the closest I got was meet­ing his wife so far) +
  101. Live in a tree house (I had to add the last one, it’s been on my mind for a while now)

PS* Some of the picture’s can be found on the travel page


One thought on “My Bucket List — The 100 things I want to do before I die

  1. The Burring Man thing is funny. I have a friend in Joburg that went there this year. She is sup­posed to be in Addis next month. You’ll have to meet her.

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