My name is Maski (Mas­karm K Haile) and YES, I am inter­ested in you!

I love, love, love to learn, expand and grow! I am so inspired by people and life long learn­ing. My learn­ing did not come only from class room teach­ing, I can humbly call this world my Open Uni­ver­sity!

I have had the most amaz­ing exper­i­ences study­ing, liv­ing, trav­el­ling and work­ing in dif­fer­ent part of this beau­ti­ful world. My rela­tion­ship with life and the world has given me tre­mend­ous gift of know­ledge, spirit, wis­dom and insight. What I bring with me is wealth of information’s and experience.

I’m evolving every­day as I walk my own unique path. Learn­ing to trust my intu­ition and love myself fully and in turn fall­ing more in love with the world … My com­mit­ment is to care deeply, love intensely, share gen­er­ously, joy­fully explore, grow, expand, empower, heal, trans­form, have FUN (!!) and inspire oth­ers to do the same!! :)

If you want to know more, here are some ran­dom facts about me …

  • I am a cer­ti­fied Life coach
  • My biggest pas­sion in life—people, travel and of course dessert :-)
  • My role model, pil­lar of my strength is/was my mother
  • I grew up dream­ing to travel the world—that dream came true!! 60+ coun­tries across 6 con­tin­ents and am still traveling
  • I had my first out of body exper­i­ence when I was 14, and it took me 10 years to under­stand what it was
  • I don’t have favour­ite coun­tries any more, I feel at home everywhere
  • I am not a strong swim­mer, but love diving and under water is my favour­ite place on Earth
  • If I haven’t been any­where in three months I get bored
  • I ate kangaroo, camel, emu and cro­codile in Aus­tralia, cuy (guinea pig) and ceviche in Peru, game biltong in South Africa, white ants and motoke in Uganda; I lived on açaí and aca­rajé in Brazil. And now I’m vegetarian!!
  • I am a big fan of Couch­Surf­ing. I surfed 72 couches around the world and hos­ted 40+ people in my home through
  • I went swim­ming with dol­phins in New Zea­l­and and a polar bear (with a huge glass win­dow in between) in Canada
  • I read everything and any­thing, books, magazines, papers
  • I wit­nessed my mother take her last breath on this earth and it has changed my view on life enormously
  • I sold/gave away all my belong­ings and left my home with my back­pack open heartedly
  • I jumped out of a per­fect aero­plane at 13,500 feet in Canada, raft on White Nile in Uganda, did bun­gee jump­ing and paraglid­ing in New Zea­l­and, dived in Great Bar­rier Reef in Australia
  • Back­packed “Cape to Cairo” by bus, taxi, hitch-hiking, CouchSurfing
  • I made amaz­ing friends around the world
  • Los­ing everything I owned for fire thought me the biggest les­son of my life, Detach­ment!!
  • I have had the oppor­tun­ity to be in one room with Dr. Grace Michel, Amb. Beth­uel Kiplaga, Prof. Ade­bayo Adedej and many more African elite.
  • I was taken to the police sta­tion for walk­ing on the beach alone and want­ing to swim in Red Sea, in Port Sudan
  • The only pre­cious mater­ial I own at the moment is my Pass­port, laptop and world map in my room.

And many more stor­ies to share …