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Do you have some­thing you want to change or achieve in your life? Maybe you’d like to …

  • start or com­plete a project
  • achieve clar­ity
  • cre­ate new habits
  • start thriv­ing
  • develop new skills
  • live bal­anced and abund­ant life
  • get unstuck

I will offer you an oppor­tun­ity to face your dif­fi­culties con­struct­ively and con­fid­ently, free­ing you to trans­form your life and grow as a per­son, enjoy­ing all the good things life has to offer.

Per­sonal, one-on-one coaching

Per­sonal coach­ing gives cli­ents ample oppor­tun­ity to explore their atti­tudes, beliefs and val­ues. Chal­lenges them to think big­ger and real­ize their poten­tial. Helps them to set real­istic goals and simply encour­ages them to be and do their best.

The per­sonal coach­ing is held weekly for two hours. Each ses­sion is fun, relaxed, fast paced with an action-orientated approach cus­tom­ized to the indi­vidual client.

Group coach­ing

Here is how Group Coach­ing is defined by Ginger Cock­er­ham in “Power of Groups”:

Group Coach­ing is a facil­it­ated group pro­cess that is led by a pro­fes­sional coach and formed with the inten­tion of max­im­iz­ing the com­bined energy, exper­i­ence and wis­dom of indi­vidu­als who chose to join in order to achieve organ­iz­a­tional object­ives and/or indi­vidual goals.

Group Coach­ing is a part­ner­ship between a coach and group of 6–10 like-minded indi­vidu­als. The ses­sion begins by each par­ti­cipant clearly determ­in­ing what to achieve at the end of the coach­ing, and it is held weekly for 60 minutes.

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