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Healing Journey

Heal­ing Jour­ney is a power­ful eight weeks course that empowers and trans­forms your life.

You will be gently and skil­fully guided towards a real­iz­a­tion of your own power, inner wis­dom and strengths, which will help you to achieve the life of joy, hap­pi­ness, prosper­ity and health you deserve.

This course intro­duces stu­dents to dis­cover their life pur­pose as a path­way that leads to integ­rated health. It also helps to identify old, lim­it­ing beliefs that no longer serve us.

Heal­ing Jour­ney is for people who:

  • Are in transition
  • Want to cre­ate bet­ter qual­ity life for self or family
  • Seek advance­ment in career, increase social skills and finance
  • Have over­come or is going through dif­fi­culties in life (ill­ness, los­ing loved ones, break­ups, divorce)
  • Want to find peace and tran­quil­lity within
  • Want to gain self-esteem and develop self confidence
  • Want to prac­tice Law of Attraction
  • Need intro­duc­tion to self heal­ing through medi­ation and breath­ing to deal with stress and daily life’s challenges
  • Want to answer the inner ques­tions (where am I today and where do I want to go in life)
  • Want to nur­ture and strengthen dreams
  • Think there is more to life than just sur­viv­ing and struggling!

Lov­ing and know­ing ourselves is the most import­ant step to being free to exper­i­ence and live an excep­tional life, it frees us from the past and allows us to enjoy the present moment!

Attend this trans­form­a­tional eight weeks course and change your life forever!

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