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For Your Mind, Body and Spirit
Reiki is said to be … the medi­cine of all diseases

An energy-based body­work that can be received either cli­ent lay­ing down or seated while fully clothed.

The energy sys­tem worked with in Reiki is com­prised of the seven major Chakras.  It is believed that one’s phys­ical body can be healed when the ener­getic self is cleared of blockages.

Reiki appoint­ments are one hour ses­sions, with treat­ment last­ing about 45 minutes and 15 minutes or more to con­duct an intake regard­ing client’s situation.

Most cli­ents exper­i­ence a pleas­ant sen­sa­tion of peace and well-being after a Reiki treatment.

The Usui Reiki Ther­apy is some­thing no one before has dis­covered and bears com­par­ison with no other treat­ment in the world …

… Reiki The Mira­cu­lous Medi­cine of All Dis­eases Usui Sen­sei (founder of Reiki)

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The 'Om' syllable

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