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Soulful living for Goddess

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Trib­ute, by Lav­arne Ross

Are you look­ing for a place where you want to be heard, express your feel­ings without feel­ing judged, be empowered but most of all, do you want to tap into your fem­in­ine essence and power within?

Soul­ful liv­ing for God­dess is for you, If you want to:

  • Tap into your Divine Fem­in­ine Power which is nat­ur­ally con­nec­ted to love, life, spirit and all that is.
  • Get empowered to face your  doubts and fears
  • Learn to find your cen­ter of grav­ity to bal­ance your per­sonal and pro­fes­sional life
  • Embrace sen­su­al­ity
  • Explore spir­itu­al­ity

The focus of the course would be on Self Love, Con­fid­ence, Pur­pose, Rela­tion­ship, Sen­su­al­ity and Spirituality.  

The course will be held once a week with 12–15 participants.

Do register in advance to avoid disappointment.

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